The Penguin Rookery

Between September and April, the coastal area on San Lorenzo Ranch gives shelter to a Magellanic penguin rookery of about 500,000 individuals, among adults and juveniles. Penguins arrive on these coasts to breed and moult.

Over the last years, this colony has grown an average of 1,2 chicks fledged per burrow, turning it into one of the fastest-growing rookeries and the second most important after Punta Tombo.

To this day, there are burrows over 1,200 meters from the shore.


The visitors to San Lorenzo walk along an 800 meter-long trail with close proximity to the penguins. They can also enjoy an extraordinary wide lookout along the beach.

The guided visit is led by specialized guides, who provide all the facts about the penguins and other animals and plants in the area.


From the beginning, the Ranch has supported the development of the penguin research through the work of national and international researchers. The investigation carried out by those scientists aim at providing information and creating awareness in the community about the relevance of preserving our natural resources.

Among other results, the researchers have concluded that there has been no negative impact from tourism on the development of the penguin colony. The monitoring activity is a permanent commitment at San Lorenzo in the frame of the terms agreed with the local authorities.