The Place

The Sheep Farm San Lorenzo, located 160 km/100 miles from Puerto Madryn, stretches along the San Matías Gulf coastline on the Peninsula Valdes, Province of Chubut, Argentine Patagonia.

Access is through the Provincial Route 3 (gravel). From the entrance to the main house you drive 7 km/4 miles on an internal road (gravel) in very good condition.

San Lorenzo is 15 km away from the Punta Norte Reserve.


The prevailing environment is typical of the shrub-steppe, with shrubs that rarely grow over one meter high. The vegetation varies according to the different landscape types: plains, gullies and dunes.


The highest temperatures occur during the summer months (January and February), but from September through April climate conditions are generally pleasant with winds that blow predominantly from the northwest and southwest. The average yearly rainfall is 200 mm.


The terrestrial animal world includes guanacos, grey foxes, rheas, cavies, tinamous, armadillos and European hares.  The coast areas shelter a Magellanic penguin rookery, some elephant seals and different sea birds. From this beach according to the season, it is possible to observe Southern Right whales and orca.