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San Lorenzo’s coastline hosts wide open beaches as well as cliff areas. The action of erosion and the passing of time left ancient fossilized reef areas exposed in cliffs and gullies. They are true witness to a warm sea that flooded the region 20 million years ago.

Even before the arrival of the Tehuelche natives, these dunes were inhabited by men and women over 2,000 years ago. Their existence and way of life can be interpreted through animal remains and stone artifacts characteristic of their culture.
In younger times, between 1917 and 1953 a sea lion oil factory functioned on the beach. Its ruins can be visited nowadays as part of Peninsula Valdes’ historical heritage.

Together with Magellanic penguins, San Lorenzo offers the possibility of observing elephant seals, guanacos, rheas, owls, cavies and a great diversity of birds. Eventually, also Right whales and orca can be sighted.

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