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“We are part of a pioneer family that arrived in Patagonia in the early 20th Century. We believe that the best tribute to our parents and grandparents, who through their hard work proved their commitment to Peninsula Valdes, is to preserve this place for present and future generations. This is why we focus our actions on Environmental Sustainability”.
Machinea Family

The Sheep Ranch San Lorenzo belongs to the Machinea family. It is a family of Basque origin.
Our grandfather Lorenzo (1879-1964) arrived in Peninsula Valdes in 1900. In an auction of public land held in 1907 he purchased the land that would later become the present ranch.
During his second voyage to Argentina he met Justina Betelu (1890-1972), whom he married in 1909.

The second of their eight children, José Martín Machinea (1911-2007), eventually became the second owner of the ranch. He married Beatriz Rey (1914-2010). Today, the owners of San Lorenzo are the descendants from Jose and Beatriz: José Luís Machinea (son) and Sebastián Machinea (grandson).

Over the years, the following activities have been carried out in San Lorenzo:
• From 1901 to the present day, sheep farming (Australian merino sheep)
• From 1917 to 1953 sea lion Factory, regulated by National Act 9475
• From 1999 to the present day, tourism activities (Magellanic penguins)

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